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DEPLIN® capsules contain L-methylfolate, an active form of folate (one of the body's essential B vitamins) that many people struggling with depression need. DEPLIN® is prescribed by healthcare professionals and should be used under medical supervision. Please see your healthcare provider to determine if DEPLIN® is right for you.DEPLIN LOGO

How DEPLIN® Works

image of sample bottle The active folate in DEPLIN® capsules helps boost the body’s ability to produce neurotransmitters, which are the natural chemicals in the brain. DEPLIN® addresses nutritional imbalances to naturally improve mood so you can get the most out of your antidepressant therapy.

What to Expect
When Starting DEPLIN®

Remember that depression can require long-term care. Your doctor will track your progress with you to determine the right length of therapy.

DEPLIN® also starts working fast—and it keeps working for the long term. If you are already on an antidepressant, it may take 1-2 weeks for DEPLIN® to start working.

For best results, be sure to take DEPLIN® capsules exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not stop taking DEPLIN® without first talking to your doctor.

DEPLIN® is covered by many commercial insurance plans. Learn about ways to save through the RxDirectPlus Powered by Brand Direct Health™ program at 1-844-561-6925.

If you are a healthcare professional and have questions about our products, or would like to request a visit from a Specialty Sales Consultant, please call 1-844-639-9726.