When your patient’s current depression therapy isn’t enough... ADD THE M[]SSING PEACE
L-methylfolate is the biologically active form of folate and is involved in neurotransmitter synthesis. L-methylfolate modulates the synthesis of monoamines.

See how the active folate found in DEPLIN® is thought to help enhance production of the neurotransmitters many depressed patients need to get the most out of their antidepressant therapy.1-6

DEPLIN® Can Make a Difference When Added to an Antidepressant

DEPLIN® may provide the nutritional requirements the body needs to produce neurotransmitters that help antidepressants to work effectively.1-3,7

The active folate found in DEPLIN®, L-methylfolate, crosses the blood-brain barrier and is thought to help enhance the body’s natural ability to produce dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.1-6


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*DEPLIN® is the only product with 15 mg of Metafolin® (L-methylfolate calcium), which is clinically proven and has been widely studied in over 25 clinical trials.

DEPLIN® is the most prescribed product in its class

DEPLIN® is the only product with 15 mg of Metafolin®* (L-methylfolate calcium), which is clinically proven and has been widely studied in over 25 clinical trials as registered on ClinicalTrials.gov.8

*Metafolin is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

See the Folate Story

See the Folate Story

Realize the role L-methylfolate plays in enhancing the
production of 3 key neurotransmitters.

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DEPLIN® is a medical food for use only under medical supervision for the clinical dietary management of depression and schizophrenia and is specially formulated to meet the distinctive nutritional requirement for this condition.

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Deplin® capsules are now free from dyes.
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